Tina is Teaching…Balance and Stability

Tina Mahacek has been teaching Balance and Stability.  Some of you are already coming to these classes.  Some of you are new and need to ‘follow’ to hear about the schedule.    There are 3 classes each week:  Monday and Wednesday at 10:30 at the Meeting Room at the Community Lounge at the corner of 7th and Pine.  Friday Class is 11:30 at the Senior Center, 2045 Arthur Street, Klamath Falls.  Suggested Donation:  $2-5 per class.

The classes are ongoing, usually with a theme.  Anyone can ‘drop in’ for a single class but the real benefit comes with regular attendance.  There is a theme: the starting place for this series is the feet; the same lesson will be repeated on Wednesday and Friday with adaptations as appropriate.  Officially, the Monday Class is Advanced, meaning that the lesson might be on the floor so may involve getting down and up.

These lessons are based on the teaching of Ruthy Alon, one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ first students when he was teaching Awareness Through Movement.  Ruthy has continued to develop and adapt and create a series called Movement Intelligence.  Come and try this class, you will be glad you did!

Questions?  Call Tina at 541-274-1555

or email me, Linda Tittle at lindatittle@gmail.com



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Can you read a chapter?

A new book, a NY Times Best Seller: The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge, MD (Remarkable discoveries and recoveries from the frontiers of neuroplasticity). There are 2 chapters about Moshe Feldenkrais!! Here is a posting about a flash mob to read the main chapter about The Feldenkrais Method!!Lights, Camera! Action!

Read about Feldenkrais® on Salon.com Now!

…and share freely with your friends!
It’s Feldenkrais flash-mob time!

“She will dance at her wedding”: Healing the girl born without part of her brain
“She will dance at her wedding”: Healing the girl …
The origin of Moshe Feldenkrais’ therapeutic method reads more like a spy thriller than a neuroscience textbook
View on http://www.salon.com
Preview by Yahoo

This is a historic time as the Feldenkrais Method moves -with less effort- into the public spotlight. A round of applause for Joshua Wolk, Practitioner at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, for helping to make this article possible.

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A New Chapter:

When you close one door, another opens.  Very low attendance at one location and growing attendance at another.  Classes will continue:  Monday and Wednesday at the Community Lounge, corner of 7th and Pine. at 1030 AM.  Friday at 1130 AM at the Senior Center on Arthur St.  Tina will be the main teacher, Linda will fill in when she is unavailable.  The teaching that we are doing is based on the teaching of Ruthy Alon, one of Moshe Feldenkrais’s original students.  Ruthy has fine tuned what she has learned over the years.  The lessons move quickly, in short segments.  The effects are profound.  It is easy to  feel the changes.

So far most lessons have been done seated in chairs or standing.  Monday will be somewhat advanced, and may include lessons on the floor.

(This week the 3rd lesson will be on Thursday!   If you are inspired to ‘jump right in’ you need to know that!)


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Saturday Dec 20?

Traditionally, December has been a month of very low volume attendance.    There were 2 replies to my question a week ago.   I assume that means the rest of you are not able to come to a Saturday Workshop.  If this is wrong, and you want to come to a workshop, please let me know by Thursday!

RE: Monday December 22 and December 29, how many of you plan to come to the 1030 class on Monday Mornings?

and while I am asking for feedback and commitment:  What are your plans for January and February??

Let me know!  Linda (you can reply to this post, or email me at lindatittle@gmail.com or call me at 541-331-1517

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Tomorrow is Monday!!

Just a reminder that we have a Monday 1030 AM class, Tina will teach
a lesson she is calling …
Soft Roller from Head to Toe…
AND a question for you: all
Third Saturday will be the Dec 20, does anyone want to come for 2 hours on the floor???

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ALERT: Weekday Class on Monday, 1030 -1130

The Winter Schedule starts tomorrow, Dec 1.  Awareness Through Movement will be at 1030- 1130 AM. We know this is short notice! We hope that some of you will be able to come.  The weekday single class is the same price as the yoga classes:  there is a Drop-in rate, a “Punch Card”  and Monthly/Yearly rate.  The prices will be on the website for Asana:  www.asanayoga.net, and seems to be under revision (at least my computer isn’t getting the rates right now.)

Sorry for this late notice (so soon after turkey and shopping and company)

Linda will be teaching this week.

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A Simple activity for posture..

Some of you subscribe to Annie Thoe’s website ‘Sensing Vitality’. She has just written about the beauty of women in Africa carrying water or other objects on their heads. Here is the link to her post:

I would recommend the bag of rice or dried beans to start with!

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Winter Schedule: starts Dec 1

What do you want??  The Asana Yoga and Sole makes adjustments seasonally.  This is the time to make your preferences known!!

Is it time to do a week day class?  Morning or Afternoon?  One class, two?  AM? PM?

It is winter, so it is OK to be indoors!

The good attendance on Saturday, Nov 15 was encouraging. Should we continue doing a Saturday Workshop?

Help us make choices that will fill the studio!!  Thank you!

Linda and Tina

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Saturday Nov 15… and what you want for the future…

Awareness Through Movement

Saturday, Nov  15 will begin at 1030, end at 1230 

Lessons will be based on Movement Intelligence, a new generation of lessons designed by Ruthy Alon, one of the early students of Moshe Feldenkrais.  Tina and I attended her workshop in Berkeley last week.  We are very enthusiastic about her  approach.  If you haven’t attended for a while, this would be a very good time to come.  It is very clear how each “process’ relates to your life and the way that you move through it.

We continue to try to find the ‘ideal’ schedule:  morning, afternoon or evening?  weekday or weekend?  Both Weekday Classes and  Saturday Workshops have been very poorly attended.  As we look to 2015 (wow) we would like to meet your needs and schedule when you are likely to come!  Please let us know what you want!  You can ‘comment’ here (they are not published until I ‘approve’ them) OR you can email me at   lindatittle@gmail.com

And consider coming Saturday to experience Movement Intelligence!

Time:  1030AM to 1230 PM

Place: Asana Yoga and Sole

Cost:  $15 before Saturday,  $20 if you wait till Saturday!  Save $$: decide now!

Linda Tittle and Tina Mahacek

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Stand by for Saturday!

Low attendance and teacher time preferences may change the plan for this Saturday, Nov 15. If you are planning to come, let me know! If you are out of town and I know it (you know if I know that you are away!!) you don’t need to communicate! Traditionally these two months are .. poorly attended!!

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