That previous post was sent by mistake  while I was trying to fix a typo.  I might  have  to ask Brad for help.

Pont du Gard was very enjoyable, warm and sunny.   The museum wasn’t t there 50 years ago (when Stew took a picture of the aqueduct .  The path is level and paved and they had a w/c to loan.  

Yesterday was lunch with Sharon and.Bob who are in their 4th year living here and learning the  language.  Reservations were made  a month or 2 ago at a wonderful restaurant, easy to find in the walled city  of Avignon. Parking worked out and when we stepped out on the  plaza of the Popes Palace, we were just in time for  the May 8 V -E Day celebration.  There we’re three different military branches, a band, dignitaries, medals awarded, etc. 

Then lunch.a three hour, three course, with wine, delight, which this typing  isn’t.  You will just have to wait for the pictures.

Today we took the  bullet train back north, found the  car rental and drove directly to our bnb which me 800 meters from Monet’s Garden.  That’ s where we will be tomorrow.


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2015 was spent with some solitude and reflection: sometimes I call it a leave of absence. It was so satisfying that I am continuing with TLP (The Listening Program), Lumosity (both for the brain) and a Fit Bit for 10,000 steps a day. OH, and 'tidying'... (see the best selling books..)
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