No April Fools!

For your reading and at home ATM enjoyment, here is a post by a Feldenkrais Practitioner, includes a lovely picture of  winter and a simple lesson to do at your home/computer:

ALSO: there will be a Saturday Afternoon Workshop April 6!!  Subject TBD (Squeaky Wheels get first request!!)  2-4 PM, $15 early registration, $20 if you wait till Saturday.

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About lindatittle

2015 was spent with some solitude and reflection: sometimes I call it a leave of absence. It was so satisfying that I am continuing with TLP (The Listening Program), Lumosity (both for the brain) and a Fit Bit for 10,000 steps a day. OH, and 'tidying'... (see the best selling books..)
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One Response to No April Fools!

  1. Cindy says:

    What ever you do will be great! Wouldn’t object to more with the scapluas. 😉

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