Alert: Workshop, First Saturday (March 1)

Greetings! Thank You All So Much for your good wishes, prayers and vibrations while I have been recovering from travel and it’s consequences!

Tina will be at the Health Fair at the Fairgrounds on Saturday, so I will teach the workshop this Saturday, March 1 at Noon- 2 PM.  The first lesson will be a breathing lesson (OK, I picked this because of how important it is to us all: 5 days on O2, then breathing into that plastic bottle at the end is very eye opening).  I am accepting requests for the focus of the 2nd lesson so squeaky wheels, speak/email your concerns!

Register before Saturday for $15, or decide at the last minute for $20.  Hope to see you!



About lindatittle

2015 was spent with some solitude and reflection: sometimes I call it a leave of absence. It was so satisfying that I am continuing with TLP (The Listening Program), Lumosity (both for the brain) and a Fit Bit for 10,000 steps a day. OH, and 'tidying'... (see the best selling books..)
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2 Responses to Alert: Workshop, First Saturday (March 1)

  1. Rachel Stephens says:

    Yea!!! I am glad you are well again!

    I am not picky about the lesson, but if you are looking for suggestions, anything hips or ankles would be good.

  2. marie morstad says:

    look forward to c ing u appreciate the reminder

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