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July 5, rapidly approaching! And a contest!

Dear Subscribers,  First:  Klamath Falls now has 2 Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners!  Tina Mahacek has completed her four year training and graduated (with party) this week!   Second:  How many of you will be in town for Saturday  July 5?  The … Continue reading

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No Class This Monday (June 23)! And questions for you!

So sorry, I am going to a Preschool Reunion! No, it is not a preschool that I attended (they didn’t have such things when I was that age!)   This Team of Teachers/Therapists worked together for a number of years … Continue reading

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About Saturday..

for those who don’t read the newspaper: there will be a Plant Sale at 9th Street, this Saturday. The Farmer’s Market with start the following week, on June 14th. This Plant Sale will be 9 or 10 till 130, so … Continue reading

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First Saturday rapidly approaching! Blink and it will be June 7…

I haven’t thought of a catchy topic to pique your interest!   I have had one request for Shoulders/upper back, so I am debating about my favorites for that area, or something less direct.  Let me know your thoughts but remember… … Continue reading

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