A New Chapter:

When you close one door, another opens.  Very low attendance at one location and growing attendance at another.  Classes will continue:  Monday and Wednesday at the Community Lounge, corner of 7th and Pine. at 1030 AM.  Friday at 1130 AM at the Senior Center on Arthur St.  Tina will be the main teacher, Linda will fill in when she is unavailable.  The teaching that we are doing is based on the teaching of Ruthy Alon, one of Moshe Feldenkrais’s original students.  Ruthy has fine tuned what she has learned over the years.  The lessons move quickly, in short segments.  The effects are profound.  It is easy to  feel the changes.

So far most lessons have been done seated in chairs or standing.  Monday will be somewhat advanced, and may include lessons on the floor.

(This week the 3rd lesson will be on Thursday!   If you are inspired to ‘jump right in’ you need to know that!)



About lindatittle

2015 was spent with some solitude and reflection: sometimes I call it a leave of absence. It was so satisfying that I am continuing with TLP (The Listening Program), Lumosity (both for the brain) and a Fit Bit for 10,000 steps a day. OH, and 'tidying'... (see the best selling books..)
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One Response to A New Chapter:

  1. sharon says:

    I have printed these dates and details out and posted on my cork board. I hope starting middle May, I will be present more. The Klamath Feldenkreis women have been a loving and constant support through these difficult years. I am so very grateful.

    I close Suite 615 March 3.
    I leave Dragonfly March 18.
    I leave for SoCa March 20 to April 1
    I leave for Austin TX April 9 to 14
    I leave for Omega Institute in Catskills 4/28 to 5/11

    I need cat and Aerie caretakers for all these dates if you know someone who doesn’t come with a dog.

    I intend to be home for the summer and travel to Chile the first 2 weeks on September. A Four Winds Center in the coastal range about 2 hours from Santiago. I could stay for weeks more and return to the Andes. Last there 1985 – ish. I haven’t been upriver since 2005. Peru has been a healing and fun and learning place for me for 30 years!

    October 1 – 10 Omega Institute
    October 20 to Nov 1 – Joshua Tree

    Dec 15 – India with Judith, Anshala (sp?)


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