Sorry about the Typo! Third SATURDAY!!

As you know I turned 70 last week and brain farts have not disappeared… Thank you to younger brains who noticed the error… please come to the 3rd Saturday workshop taught by Tina. My brain will be on vacation!

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“Falling well…”

You may think that this is a typo.. but it is not!  You will feel better if you learn to

                                             …FALL WELL…

Tina will teach this Third Thursday

at …(NOTE NEW TIME!!)   10:30 AM till 12:30  

Location:  Asana Yoga and Sole

Date:  October 18

Cost:  $15 early registration, $20 if you pay on Saturday…



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Who is planning to come this Saturday?

I have already heard from several who are unable to be at the First Saturday Awareness Through Movement® Workshop.  If you are planning to come please let me know (and tell me what you are interested in!)   My inclination right now is to continue with lessons from Walk for Life, but it is only Monday.  Revisiting some of the earlier lessons from that series also seems like a plan, especially the ones that made everyone laugh!

Let Me Know!

Saturday, October 4, noon to 2 PM

Early registration:  $15,  Show up on Saturday $20

Location:  Asana Yoga and Sole, 12th between Main and Klamath Ave.


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Tina will teach this Saturday!

With 2 Saturdays a month, the weeks come fast! Tina is thinking that it is time to do the Buttocks Lesson again and perhaps something with the neck/shoulders/eyes…If you have any special requests tell Tina or I will relay your words to her!
Same place, time:
Asana Yoga and Sole
Time: 12 Noon till 2 PM
Cost: $15 before Saturday, $20 if you procrastinate!

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September 6 is the First Saturday!

Just to clarify, since I rarely send an announcement this early!! And, yes, I know that it is Labor Day Weekend (Saturday). Enjoy this last official week of Summer! Hope to see you the 6th.

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First Saturday of (yikes) September!

Yes, there will be a workshop!!  My intention is to continue on the theme of Walking,  since that is something that we all do.  Of course, walking involves our whole body!  If you have a specific issue with one part or another, spend some time ‘scanning’ during the week so that you will have a clear image of the way that part moves (or doesn’t move!), including what you are doing when you are noticing yourself.  As usual, the time will be

Noon to 2 PM

Cost:  $15 register in advance, $20 if you wait till Saturday.

Early deciders help in planning!!

Hope to see you in September and I promise not to sing!  Linda


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Boring title: 3rd Saturday is here!

It is raining right now, so take note: NO THURSDAY WALK tomorrow (Aug 14)

Plan to come to Asana Yoga and Sole for Awareness Through Movement.  Tina will be teaching.   Time: Noon to 2.  Cost:  $15 early registration (Thurs or Fri) or $20 on the Saturday.  Act Now!!  You will be glad you did!


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First Saturday: Tina Teaching!!

There will be a Saturday Workshop, August 2.
Time: Noon till 2 PM
Place: Asana Yoga and Sole
Cost: Early registration $15, On Saturday, $20
Topic: TBD If you have requests, tell Tina or email me and I will pass it on.

A reminder: the weekday classes have been suspended for the summer, because of very low turnout.  We will revisit  weekday classes in the fall.  We will be doing 2 Saturday  Workshops: the 1st and 3rd Saturdays.  We will try to stay on schedule, substitute for each other, and try to let you know ahead of time about changes.

Thanks for coming to class!  Linda

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3rd Saturday! an ATM workshop!! Noon till 2…

Your Two Feldenkrais Practitioners (WOW:TWO!) are swapping assigned Saturdays, and Linda will be teaching this Saturday, July 19 (noon till 2). The subject will probably be… walking…probably will be closely related to the Thursday 8 AM free class (at Moore Park, by the picnic area)…and will continue with the lessons of Ruthy Alon who taught the Walk for Life workshop that I attended last October.

The Usual Deal: register for Saturday before Saturday: $15
Wait until Saturday to make up your mind: $20
Location of Saturday Workshop: Asana Yoga and Sole

Hope that you can join us!


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July 5, rapidly approaching! And a contest!

Dear Subscribers, 

First:  Klamath Falls now has 2 Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners!  Tina Mahacek has completed her four year training and graduated (with party) this week!  

Second:  How many of you will be in town for Saturday  July 5?  The store will be closed but we will have a workshop IF enough of you will be in town and commit to coming!  I am thinking  a minimum of 5, how does that sound?  PLEASE let me know!!

Third:  For years, you have been asking me if the skeleton has a name.  Let’s have a contest; submit your suggestion!  (with your name!).  I have a PRIZE for the winning entry.  I will post the suggestions and count the votes!  You can submit your entry by email, in person, phone or when you see me sitting somewhere.

That’s all for now!  Linda

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