Students Comments

Quotes from Students in Linda’s

Awareness Through Movement® Classes

“After class I am energized…. I feel that my posture has improved greatly.  Thanks a lot.”

“This is the best hour of my week!”

“I didn’t know I could pay attention to what I do.”

“I look forward to the calm feeling this class brings…”

“I have more breath available while cross country skiing…”

“After 5-6 lessons, I am getting up and down, managing stairs and all kinds of everyday tasks with less, or no, pain.  My body has been my enemy for some time and it is nice to be better and not conscious of it all the time…”

“I just left all my frustrations on the floor.”

“The foot lesson dramatically decreased my foot slap on the left for that day…”

“After a class where …. hips were the focus, I played racquetball… I noticed I could move with fluidity and less pain-I felt like my body just worked and I played one of the better games I had played in a long time…”

“…I learned that my pelvis hasn’t been helping my leg…”

“My toes feel more alive.”

“It’s easier to walk.”

“I feel lighter…”

“We were there an hour and it seemed like 10 minutes…”

Klamath Falls OR  2010


One Response to Students Comments

  1. When my sister introduced me to the F-method, she started me on a journey of physical self-awareness that I have subsequently proven to myself many times to be very healing. It induces a sort of muscular consciousness that does the brain good, not to mention the body. Being trapped in an elevator is one of my favorite places to practice. When I flex, people look at me funny. But I feel better every time. Do it; you will like it.

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